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What's involved in each package

Interior Package

  • Double Vacuum

  • Carpet and Upholstery Extraction

  • Thorough wipe down and deep brush of all interior plastics and trim

  • Streak-free clean of all interior glass and windows

  • UV protectant dressing applied to all plastic and trim

Exterior Package

  • Soft hand wash using top quality products

  • High powered Foam cannon used to deep condition paint to restore healthy look

  • Hands free drying method

  • Streak-free clean of all glass and windows

  • High shine dressing applied to tires and trim to restore new look

  • Ceramic Coat spray used to add 3 months of incredible paint protection and high gloss

Full Detail Package

  • Includes both the interior package and the exterior package 

  • Cheaper than buying both separately 

Available ad-Ons

  • 1-Step paint correction/polish

  • 2-Step paint correction/polish

  • Mold removal

  • Excessive pet hair removal

  • Sap removal

  • Ozone Treatment to remove strong smells

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